Our Grinders Type MIM has always paid attention to the needs of the sector regarding the coffee grinding process. This is why we have maintained a high quality level in the making of these grinders.
The grinders are designed for a medium and high industrial use. They work with a cutting disc made of a special material accordingly treated. The grinding system, by molecular or centrifugal crushing always tends to heat the coffee again which alters its aroma and its other properties. This is why our cutting discs combined with a simultaneous cooling circuit of the table or the grinding chamber guarantees a perfect homogeneity during the whole operating cycle and also allows controlling with great precision and easing the desired degree of grinding. The cooling system is executed by a closed independent water circuit in each cutting disc (top and bottom). The cuttings disc system for this grinder´s range allows to obtain three types of ground coffee: Expresso,Mocca and Turk .
molinillos1 molinillos2