Gourmet Coffee Roasters

Gourmet Coffee Roasters

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We have a wide range of Gourmet Coffee Roasters for shops or Gourmet roasters, all of them equipped with high technology and prepared to obtain a homogeneous roasting in the same way as in an industrial roaster.

Their finishes are of the highest quality and their design is designed for installation in shops.

tostadora de café gourmet

Roaster´s Machines BTR- 3, BTR-10 and BTR-15

Its roasting system is by means of a perforated drum (hot air) guaranteeing an extremely uniform roasted.


The combustion chamber is separated from the roasting drum, guaranteeing the control of the speed and volume of the air in proportion to the combustion of the burner. Due to their design and patented design, they prevent the mixing of combustion odors with the coffee gasses.

Equipped with a cooling tray with a large cooling chamber, to be able to cool the coffee quickly and avoid roasting in the cooler.


For this purpose, there is a motor fan that is completely independent of the drum suction fan.


These roasters have a technology that allows us to visualise the roasting curve during the roasting process.


By incorporating a PLC we can design ideal roasting curves for each type of coffee to be roasted.


This system allows us to make a roasting history according to each customer and type of coffee, which allows us to reuse and compare the curves. The adjustment of the machine is done automatically.

These machines have the following options:


  • Smoke recycling and energy saving system (between 20 to 25%).
  • Smoke catalytic converter.
  • Heat exchanger.
  • Modular combustion burner.
  • Color to be chosen by the customer.

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