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historia Balcelss 1980

In 1980 OFFICINE VITTORIA, S.P.A., a legendary company founded in 1917, decided to establish itself in Spain in order to serve this market. Together with the businessman and industrial engineer Mr. Jaime Balcells Busquets, who already had experience in the world of coffee roasters, they decided to set up a subsidiary in Spain, founding the company VITTORIA DE ESPAÑA with headquarters in Barcelona.


They started to work together introducing the VITTORIA technology in the national market. Due to the market demand, the technology is introduced to manufacture roasters for roasted coffee and dried fruits and nuts.


During these years the remarkable joint research work with OFFICINE VITTORIA 1917 and VITTORIA DE ESPAÑA 1980 allows us to obtain a leading position in the market.



In 1997, Jaime Balcells Aznar, businessman and industrial engineer, with his technical and commercial experience in the sector, founded the company VITTORIA INTERCOMERCIAL, S.A.


He sets up in Vilanova i la Geltrú (Barcelona) and starts manufacturing machinery for the coffee and nut industry under the VITTORIA brand name.


Thanks to a solid positioning and with a new objective, it expands its export market, facing new challenges with highly satisfactory results.



With a new objective and a new cycle in a much more competitive market, Mr. Jaime Balcells Aznar, with his experience in the market, decides in 2014 to create the company BALCELLS COFFEE TECHNOWLEDGE under the same VITTORIA Legacy to introduce new machinery and to be able to offer our customers “Complete Projects”, thus being able to meet the demands of our customers in the Packaging Process, complete customised projects and personalised consultancy to our customers.


In this cycle, a work link is established together with a great technical and commercial experience between two pioneering companies in the sector and with a long experience.


BALCELLS COFFEE TECHNOWLEDGE in the hands of Mr. Jaime Balcells Aznar and BOTTONI IMPIANTI in the hands of Mr. Daniele Bottoni mean a solid position in the coffee industry market from a technical perspective and constant development in the manufacture of machinery and a technical and commercial perspective in the management of sales and customer advice worldwide.

At present time

balcells actualidad

In addition to our own production, we currently have a number of carefully selected high-tech representations with professional criteria which allow us to offer our customers their best options in a personalised manner.


We also have a team of companies “Grupo Balcells” that are part of our team where through our Technical Office and Logistics Department we can reach our customers in a faster and more professional way.