Packing machines for ground coffee. Industrial coffee machinery.


Packing machines for ground coffee. Industrial coffee machinery.

At breakfast time, a cup of coffee is the perfect complement to start the day. But have you ever wondered how that ground coffee gets to your cup? Behind every great cup of coffee, there is an extensive chain of meticulously planned industrial processes.

At Balcells, we are specialists in industrial coffee installations, providing engineering and manufacturing solutions for the coffee industry.

What is a ground coffee packaging machine?

First of all, it is worth understanding the crucial role played by ground coffee packaging machines. This industrial equipment is designed to pack ground coffee efficiently, keeping its organoleptic properties intact.

These packaging machines are designed to be fast and efficient. The use of ground coffee packaging machines guarantees that each package of coffee that leaves the production plant has the same quality and consistency, allowing consumers to enjoy a delicious coffee in each cup and to homogenize in its grinding based on its correct degassing process.

From green coffee to roasted coffee: A detailed process

The coffee journey begins with green coffee. These are the coffee beans in their purest state, unroasted. Green coffee has a bitter taste and a pale green color.

Depending on the variety of the bean, the origin and the cultivation process, it is decided what type of coffee will be produced. The quality of the green coffee bean is fundamental in determining the quality of the final product.

The next step is roasting. This stage is vital, as it transforms the green beans into roasted coffee. During roasting, the coffee beans are heated at high temperatures, provoking a series of chemical reactions that release the oils and aromas that characterize coffee.

The importance of industrial coffee machinery

At every stage of the coffee production process, from green coffee to roasted coffee, industrial machinery plays a crucial role. At Balcells, we offer a variety of industrial equipment to cover every stage of this process.

Whether you are interested in a ground coffee packaging machine, a coffee roaster or any other type of coffee processing machinery, you can rely on our experience and expertise in industrial coffee installations.

In addition to coffee, our machinery can also handle a variety of other products, such as nuts and cocoa. Each piece of equipment is designed with performance in mind, ensuring a fully optimized production process for each type of product.

Balcells: Innovation and Excellence in Coffee Processing


Finally, if you would like to learn more about our ground coffee packaging machines or any of our other solutions for the coffee industry, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to help you create the best coffee possible, from bean to cup.

Industrial machinery for coffee packaging

The packaging of coffee beans is a fundamental process in the coffee industry, since it guarantees the quality and freshness of the final product that reaches consumers. Coffee is a delicate product that can lose its aroma and flavor if it is not properly stored, for which reason packaging plays a crucial role in its preservation.

The process of packaging coffee beans consists of several stages. First, high quality coffee beans are selected and classified. Then, they are roasted to enhance their characteristic flavor and aroma. Once roasted, the beans undergo a cooling process. The coffee is then transported to roasted coffee silos where it undergoes a sweating process without coming into contact with oxygen and finally it is taken to the packaging machines.

Coffee packaging machinery

Coffee bean packaging machines are specifically designed to protect the beans from light, oxygen, humidity and other factors that can affect their freshness. These machines use different types of packaging, such as valve bags, hermetically sealed bags or vacuum-sealed cans.

The packaging is carried out in a controlled environment to avoid oxidation and maintain the quality of the coffee. The machines fill the bags or cans with the coffee beans and then hermetically seal the package to maintain freshness during storage and transportation.

In addition to preserving quality, packaging also plays an important role in the presentation of the coffee. Labels and package design can influence the consumer’s perception of the quality and value of the product.

In summary, the packaging of coffee beans is essential to protect their freshness, aroma and flavor, as well as to ensure an attractive presentation. Proper packaging is crucial to satisfy the expectations of coffee lovers and maintain the brand’s reputation for quality.